Help With Orders

If you have technical difficulties with your order, please send an email for assistance.


FAQ Regarding Orders and Shipping

How long will it take for the order to be delivered?

Materials will routinely be shipped USPS Media Mail. Delivery time according to the United States Postal Service is normally two to eight business days after the order is shipped, except for Alaska and Hawaii. If you have not received your order within ten business days, please send an email to .

Is shipping available outside of the United States?

Delivery is normally available only in the United States. For the possibility of international delivery to a destination outside of the United States, please email .

Is expedited shipping available?

Shipping is routinely by USPS Media Mail. In some cases, expedited shipping many be available. The cost would vary according to several factors. For information on expedited shipping, please email .

How can I check on the status of my order?

For information about the status of your order, please email .

What is the $4.50 processing and packaging fee?

This is a charge for each order to gather and package the material for shipping. It is the same regardless of the size of the order. Therefore, the larger the order the more economical it is.

Can separate items of the Series be ordered or just the entire Series?

Ideally, all of the items would be ordered. However, each item in the Series, such as each of the books and the packet of nineteen leaflets, can be ordered separately.

Can the leaflets be ordered individually?

The Baptist Identity leaflets were designed to be used together, interrelated with each relating to one or more of the distinctives that make Baptists Baptist. Therefore, the leaflets are offered as a packet of all nineteen. The leaflets are also available in the book Baptist Beliefs and Heritage.

Is there a discount for ordering large quantities of the material?

The cost of ordering multiple copies of any or all of the items is less per item than ordering only a single item.