Sources for Materials on Baptist Doctrine, Polity, and History

The following are organizations that have materials available on Baptist beliefs, polity, history, and organization. This website is intended to provide sources for further study on Baptists. However, it is not intended as an endorsement in any way of the following sources.

This is not a comprehensive listing of sources for information on Baptists, but links from the websites of the organizations listed will provide access to many available sources.

The data in each listing is subject to change by that entity; if you discover data that needs correcting or updating, please contact us.

For information on various Baptist groups in the United States, including addresses and websites, see the most recent edition of Mead, Frank, Samuel S. Hill, Craig Atwood Handbook of Denominations in the United States. Nashville: Abingdon Press.

American Baptist Historical Society
3001 Mercer University Dr.
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
678.547.6680 (ph.)
A vast collection of Baptist documents, books, and materials with a focus on the American Baptist Churches-USA and its predecessors.


Association of Librarians and Archivists at Baptist Institutions
No physical address
This website is sponsored by the Association of Librarians and Archivists at Baptist Institutions (ALABI) to provide researchers a one-stop location to digital Baptist resources and basic information on Baptists and Baptist history. An ALABI committee is assigned the responsibility of recommending additions, updates, and changes to the website. It contains an extensive list of links to resources.


7557 Rambler Road, Suite 1200
Dallas, Texas 75231
1.866.249.1799 (ph.)
Contact for list of materials, such as books, Bible study materials, and Internet materials.


Baptist Historical Society of England
15 Fenhurst Gardens
Long Ashton
Bristol BS18 9AU
Material on early Baptists in England as well as current information.


Baptist History and Heritage Society
151 Broadleaf Drive
Macon, Georgia 31210
406.600.7433 (ph.)
Contact for catalogue of available books, pamphlets, and other resource materials.


Baptist History Homepage
John Leland Baptist College
1300 Mt. Vernon Drive
Georgetown, Kentucky 40324
This is a source of copies of hundreds of original Baptist documents. Google Books has digitized many old Baptist books, magazines, and commentaries that can be viewed and searched or downloaded.


Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
200 Maryland Ave. N. E.
Washington, D. C. 20002
202.544.4226 (ph.)
202.544.2094 (fax)
Contact for materials on religious liberty and separation of church and state.


Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc.
Number One Iron Oaks Drive
Paris, Arkansas 72855
479.963.3831 (ph.)
479.963.8083 (fax)
Contact for catalogue or see website for listing of materials, including many reprints of out-of-print books on various subjects related to Baptist doctrine and polity.


Baptist Studies Center for Research
Baylor University/Department of Religion
One Bear Place #97284
Waco, Texas 76798-7284
254.710.7283 (ph.)
Provides opportunities for faculty and student research in Baptist studies and develops a repository of Baptist sources for those researching Baptist heritage. Is a very helpful website with extensive information on Baptist resources.


Baptist Union of Great Britain
Baptist House
P. O. Box 44
129 Broadway
Didcot, Oxon, OX118RT
01235 517715 (fax)
Information on Baptists in Great Britain.


Baptist World Alliance
405 North Washington St.
Falls Church, Virginia 22046
703.790.8980 (phone)
703.893.5160 (fax)
Contact for materials and information about the Baptist World Alliance and about various Baptist groups throughout the world.


Center for Baptist Heritage and Studies and the Virginia Baptist Historical Society
P. O. Box 34
University of Richmond, Virginia 23173
804.289.8434 (ph.)
804.289.8953 (fax) and
Houses collection of early Baptist materials in America, sponsors conferences,produces materials on Baptist heritage and beliefs.


Center for Baptist Studies
1400 Coleman Avenue
Macon, Georgia 31027
478.301.5467 (ph.)
478.301.5663 (fax)
Produces an extensive amount of material on Baptist history, doctrine, and polity.


International Association of Baptist Colleges and Universities
8120 Sawyer Brown Road
Suite 108
Nashville, Tennessee 37221
Information on Baptist colleges, universities, Bible colleges, and seminaries, primarily located in the United States.


Judson Press
P. O. Box 851
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 19482
1.800.458.3766 (ph.)
Contact for catalogue on resources on Baptists with a focus on American Baptists.


LifeWay Christian Resources
One LifeWay Plaza
Nashville, Tennessee 37234-0162
615.251.2000 (ph.)
Contact for information about books on Baptists with a focus on Southern Baptists.


National Association of Free Will Baptists
5233 Mt. View Rd.
Antioch, Tennessee 37013
615.731.6812 (ph.)
Contact for information from a General Baptist or Free Will Baptists perspective.


Partee Center for Baptist Historical Studies
William Jewell College
500 College Hill
Liberty, Missouri 64068
816.415.7557 (ph.) (NOTE: this link is currently not working, as the Partee Center prepares a new website, due to launch summer 2016)
Archival material available on Baptists, primarily focused on mid-America region.


Reformed Reader, The
A website with extensive materials on Baptists including a Baptist timeline and copies of Baptist confessional statements; emphasizes reformed theology.


R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation
6717 Centennial Blvd.
Nashville, Tennessee 37209
Extensive material related to Black Baptists with numerous books on history.


Smyth & Helwys Books
6316 Peake Road
Macon, Georgia 31210-3960
478.757.0564 (ph)
800.747.3016 (ph>
Provides literature for Baptists, some of which is historical and doctrinal.


Southern Baptist Convention
901 Commerce Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Provides contact information for all Baptist state conventions and associations in cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention.


Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
90l Commerce Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37203-3630
615.244.0344 (ph.)
Extensive collection of archival materials with a focus on Southern Baptists. Contains an extensive list of links to organizations and institutions with resources on Baptists.


Texas Baptist Heritage Center
3600 Gaston Avenue, Suite 456
Dallas, Texas 75246
214.370.9441 (ph.)
214.370.0228 (fax)
Produces various materials on Baptist distinctives.