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On-Site Resources

The Baptist Story: A Summary

A brief summary of the history of Baptists.

While acknowledging the importance of Baptists worldwide, the account places a major focus on the early years of Baptists in England and North America.


Twenty-seven full color, single-page, Bible-based articles in PDF and text-only (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) format in HTML.


An annotated listing of books on Baptist beliefs and heritage by a wide variety of authors organized in sections:

Other Sources:

An alphabetical listing of various organizations, institutions, and websites with information on Baptist beliefs and heritage, including contact information and a link to each.

Some Background

This website offers a wealth of information and inspiration about the Baptist family of Christians. Every effort has been made to make it user friendly. The “On-Site Resources” has links to resources that can be downloaded and used immediately. The “Resources to Order” links to resources to order, either on-line or by mail.
The “On-Site Resources” contains links to twenty-seven one-page articles that can be downloaded. In response to requests that the articles be put in leaflet form, nineteen 5.5 x 8.5 Bible-based, colorful, illustrated leaflets written in a popular style were developed. This format allowed a combination of some of the articles.
The “Resources to Order” contains links to order materials in the Baptist Identity Series. The leaflets can be ordered in a packet of all nineteen and are also printed in the Baptist Beliefs and Heritage book, thus fulfilling the request from many that the leaflets be made available in book form. Study guides, both for personal and group study, can be ordered to use with the leaflets or the Baptist Beliefs and Heritage book.
Free shipping and quantity discounts up to 50% and more are always available when ordering the Baptist Identity Series. Currently, a special offer of free books on Baptist identity is available with any order of items in the Series. Click here for further information on the bonus books.
The total package of material, the Baptist Identity Series, is produced by the volunteer staff of the Texas Baptist Heritage Center, a non-profit, religious entity of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

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What constitutes the Baptist Identity Series?

Baptist Beliefs and Heritage book.

contains nineteen colorful leaflets on Baptist beliefs and heritage called the (READ MORE…)

Personal Study Guides book

serves as a resource for persons studying the nineteen topics of the Baptist Identity Leaflets (READ MORE…)

Leader’s Guide for Group Study book

provides a resource for those leading groups studying the material in the Baptist Identity Series (READ MORE…)

The Baptist Identity Leaflets

nineteen colorful, four page 5.5 x 8.5 leaflets on Baptist beliefs, polity, and practices. (READ MORE…)

The Folder for the Packet of Baptist Identity Leaflets

a folder containing all nineteen Baptist Identity Leaflets with side pockets for the leaflets and a listing of the leaflets. (READ MORE…)

The Entire Series Collection

a set containing all of the items in the Baptist Identity Series (READ MORE…)