Suggestions for State & Regional Baptist Entities

Here are some suggestions for Baptist Identity Series use by State and Regional Baptist Entities (Conventions, Women’s and Men’s Organizations, Affinity Groups):

  • Give the Baptist Identity Series to each officer, committee member, and staff person of the organization.
  • Distribute the Baptist Identity Leaflets at meetings of the organization, such as annual sessions and other gatherings.
  • Have a display on Baptist identity at organization’s meetings, using the Series as a resource for the display.
  • Urge associations to utilize the Series; send them a copy of the Series.
  • Encourage entities related to the organization to distribute the Baptist Identity Leaflets at their meetings.
  • Provide the Series for each trustee and chief executive of institutions related to the convention.
  • Provide the Series to each campus minister of the convention and encourage its use with the students.
  • Recommend that chaplains related to the convention use the Series in their ministry.
  • Request convention staff members who assist in starting new churches to give the Series to the leadership of each new congregation.
  • Encourage churches to utilize the Series and send the Series to each pastor.
  • Use the Series as a resource for conferences on Baptist identity and for classes on Baptist belief and heritage for staff members of the organization.
  • Promote the Series in the Baptist state paper and/or other publications.
  • Encourage encampments and conference centers to display the Series, making the Baptist Identity Leaflets available for persons to take with them.
  • Link the convention’s website to

“…would like to provide this for our churches.”
State Convention Executive Director

“…meets a need for concise, informative, Bible-based material on Baptist beliefs and practices.”
Baptist Seminary Professor